Actual Counselling & Hypnotherapy Client Testimonials

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Going to see a therapist can be nerve wrecking.

Looking at some actual counselling client testimonials, which may help you feel a little more comfortable about it.

Here are some actual counselling client testimonials I have recieved.

All names are withheld to ensure confidentiality.

If you feel you need immediate emotional support you can call Samaritans or check out Chasing the Stigma and The Hub of Hope.

Counselling client feedback

Actual counselling client testimonials, names are withheld for confidentiality.

“Allowed me to voice my concerns and process my thoughts. Given me much needed headspace and space and time to heal…..made me more positive and given me tools to cope. It has also given me the strength to explore other ways of personal growth”

“It really helped and I feel like I can cope in any situation! I can quell anxious thoughts and express myself in a healthier way. I feel so much better.”

“Counselling has helped me combat my fear of being a dad, helped me with my self-confidence”

“Through this process I have come to understand that I am good enough and I just needed to believe that. I am slowly starting to believe this and as a result my life is changing. I am happier, more confident, and more focused than I have ever been in my life. Thank you Gaynor for helping me see what I could not. Words can’t do justice for the way I see life now”

“Thank you so much. Its been sometimes a rough ride, but now I have the tools to ,move forward a with a much more fulfilled life”

“I so want to think through everything we have talked about. Its been a fabulous experience ….. In particular apart from all the personal work that you have helped me with thank you so much for helping me make sense and get through the toughest experience that I have ever dealt with….”

Hypnotherapy client feedback.

These are actual Hypnotherapy client testimonials, names are withheld for confidentiality.

“I really liked the suggestions I felt it gave me back control of my thoughts.”

“It felt very personalised, warm and understanding”

“I felt so relaxed and so much lighter at the end of the session”

“Its made a huge difference, I didn’t think I could change what I was doing to myself but I have !”

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Certified online & telephone Counsellor