Start of the Beginning Therapeutic Counselling and Hypnotherapy.


Here you can take your first steps, to emotional wellbeing, and improving the rest of your life.  Here at Start of the Beginning Therapeutic Counselling and Clinical Hypnotherapy you can begin to do this.


We can often struggle with day to day things and we often feel alone, and isolated. Having someone to talk to in a safe non-judgemental space can help.

I know that taking the first step is always the hardest, picking up the phone, or sending the email to enquire can be terrifying.  Know that you are not alone feeling like this. As a result of working together therapeutically you can move forward, feeling more positive. Exploring your thoughts, feelings and behaviours gives you greater insight and understanding. This therefore also improves your life as a whole.

Counselling can help to build your confidence, and increase your self-esteem. Counselling can also help you understand more about your anxieties, and moods, leading to raised awareness. Once we understand what`s going on and why we can begin to move forward using helpful strategies. Most of all understanding the impact they have on you

Identifying why you feel and think the way you do encourages change. Because learning how to use techniques that reduce anxiety and depression can have a positive impact. Together we set realistic achievable goals. This may seem obvious, but we put pressure on ourselves to do more, and to do better and as a result we feel stressed.  We may focus on what we have not done, instead of what we have achieved. We can list our perceived failures whilst ignoring everything we accomplish or overcome. Yet for some reason we seem to do this to ourselves.

In conclusion exploring all your thoughts, feelings and experiences, leads to increasing your awareness and understanding of self.

Learning to trust yourself is key to personal development and your own happiness.

I believe you are the expert on yourself, even if you don’t know it yet.


Clinical Hypnotherapy is one hundred percent effective, providing you want to make the change in your life.

Clinical hypnotherapy can be used to give up smoking, for weight loss also reducing anxiety, and increasing self-esteem.

Are you a sportsperson? How would you benefit from increased endurance ? Hypnotherapy can help with these issues too and many more.

You will always be completely in control. You will feel safe and comfortable at all times.

For either Counselling or Clinical Hypnotherapy give me a call on 07768124076 to arrange a free initial consultation or click the link below.



I look forward to meeting you.


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