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Thank you for taking the time to have a look at my counselling and hypnotherapy site.

I hope you find it helpful.  

Who am I?  

I`m a mum to four and nan to 7 which has its own challenges. With one autistic child and another Asperger’s. I have one granddaughter with ADHD so it is eventful to say the least.

I always felt there was not enough support for parents, with children either on or off the autistic spectrum. The lack of support we received at an incredibly difficult time in our sons life confirmed this.

Nothing can prepare you for the emotions you experience in relation to self harm, and suicidal thoughts. Especially when they are your child’s thoughts. It is not something I thought I would experience as a mum.

I needed to do something to change this but I didn’t know what I could do. 

Eventually I reached a time in my life, when I could give something back to others so I became a listening volunteer for my local Samaritans branch.

I recognised that by listening without judging someone you could ease their suffering and pain in that moment.  Soon after volunteering on their phone lines, I joined their prison team.  Visiting two local prisons to train and support prisoners to become listeners for other prisoners. 

A huge shout out and thank you to all the Samaritans Volunteers across the UK you are amazing.

Why Counselling?

Knowing the difference that listening to someone can make, no matter what their circumstances are, is one of the things that inspired me to become a counsellor. 

It literally can make the difference between life and death. Something I experienced working on the phone lines.

I also began working towards another qualification.  Understanding Autistic individuals and those with other emotional and social needs. To not only help my clients but also my family. 

Training to become a counsellor was not easy and I found it  difficult juggling my family, studies and work commitments.

My personal counselling and training gave me greater understanding of my own core beliefs. I recognised feelings of not being good enough.  Something I believe many of us are familiar with.

Leading on from this I could identify my negative thoughts and anxieties. Once I had done this I was able to challenge them to become more positive in my own life. Developing healthier relationships with those around me.

I spent three years counselling at a rape crisis centre. It was here I developed a knowledge and understanding of trauma. The resulting impact it has on individuals, and those around them.

Working with clients experiencing dissociation, trauma, self harm, shame and suicidal thoughts. It was incredibly hard but so rewarding. 

Counselling & Hypnotherapy? 

Using assessment tools I know that Hypnotherapy significantly reduces anxiety and benefit individuals for a variety of things. So I then trained and qualified in clinical hypnotherapy so I can offer my clients something more. 

Listening to others and hearing about the difficulties and trauma people have had to overcome in their lives, is a privilege.

I believe I offer a warmth, compassion and understanding to all my clients.

What is Creative Counselling ?

At the Creative Counsellors club I am the Events and Retreats Lead.  In 2018 we successfully recieved funding from the Facebook Community Leadership programme. In 2019 this enabled us to run over 40 networking, training, peer support & counselling skills shares across the UK. Supporting therapists to work with clients in ways that give them a voice. We also create and deliver training to other therapists face to face in the UK and on line. 

A community of 11500 members from 99 different countries on a mission to end the global mental health crisis through the power of community and creativity.

Within the Creative Counsellors I also to organise and host a self care retreat every year and our annual creative conference for therapists.  I still fundraise for Samaritans and hold an annual fundraising dinner for their local branch. 

 I continue to further my professional and personal development by attending training and other relevant events regularly. 

At Start of the Beginning Therapeutic Counselling and Clinical Hypnotherapy you can take your first steps, to emotional wellbeing, and improving the rest of your life.  

For either Counselling or Clinical Hypnotherapy give me a call on 07768124076 to arrange a free initial consultation or click the link below.


I look forward to meeting you.

Much love