Start of The Beginning Counselling & Hypnotherapy


Why choose Counselling or Hypnotherapy 

Stormy seas
Counselling can help us get through the storm.

We can often struggle with day to day things and we often feel alone, and isolated.  However having someone to talk to in a safe non-judgemental space can help.
Counselling gives you a chance to explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours.  This gives you greater insight and understanding about yourself therefore improving your life as a whole.
Talking can help to build your confidence, increase your self-esteem and reduce anxiety. Counselling can help you understand more about your anxieties, your moods, learning why you think and act they way you do. Hypnotherapy can help focus on specific issues such as anxiety, or self esteem. 

Once we can understand what`s going on in ourselves, we can begin to move forward using helpful strategies.
Identifying why you feel and think the way you do encourages change. You will learn how to use techniques that reduce anxiety and depression.

Together we can set realistic achievable goals that you choose. This may seem obvious, however we often put pressure on ourselves to do more, and to do better and as a result feeling even more anxious and  stressed. We may focus on what we have not done, instead of what we have achieved finding ourselves listing our perceived failures whilst ignoring everything we accomplish or overcome. Learning to trust yourself is key to personal development and your own happiness and I believe you are the expert on yourself, even if you don’t know it.

The counselling I offer is;

I offer a combination of Person-Centred (which is talking client led therapy). Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (working on unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours to reframe your unhelpful thought patterns and behaviours ), and Creative Therapies (to do this I sometimes use creative interventions, such as sand, miniature figures, clay, stones, or cards). 

Creative interventions
Creativley using Russian dolls to explore parts of self.

Start of The Beginning Counselling & Hypnotherapy offers a safe non-judgmental space where you will feel safe and able to share your thoughts and feelings. Here you can explore all your thoughts and feelings, emotions and behaviours in a safe place.

Finding the right therapist is very important. For any therapeutic change to take place, their must be a genuine connection between the therapist and client.

Because as a client you will only open up and feel free to talk to someone if you feel comfortable and feel you can trust them.

That why I offer a free initial consultation so you can see if your going to be comfortable working with me.

I know the difference that talking to someone can make, but more than that, the difference being heard and feeling understood can make.

I know that taking the first step is always the hardest, picking up the phone, or sending the email to enquire can be terrifying.

Know that you are not alone feeling like this, most clients feel anxious at the beginning. However working together therapeutically you can start to move forward and begin to feel more positive.

How can counselling & hypnotherapy help?

I offer a safe, confidential space and I believe if I provide the right conditions for personal growth including warmth, empathy, genuineness, we can build a good therapeutic relationship. You will feel safe enough to explore and find your answers. I offer a non judgemental space and a tailor made bespoke service, combining therapeutic skills and modalities to fit you.




Currently due to Covid-19 all assessments and sessions are online. 

As a result you can learn why you feel the way you do, and begin to understand the impact events, or others actions and words have had on your life and behaviours.

Start of The Beginning is a place, where all your unspoken thoughts, can become spoken.

I am a qualified counsellor, insured and also a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. This means I am trained in a way that meets their professional standards. 


Anxiety, Depression, 

Suicidal thoughts, Self harm

Loss, Bereavement,

Sexual, physical, or emotional abuse,

Domestic Violence,


Low self-esteem, low self-worth

If your struggling to cope,  please give me a call now, or email using the details below..

I’m offering a free no obligation 30 minute consultation. I may not be the right counselling therapist for you, but take the first step to finding one who is.

I look forward to meeting you.

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If you are in danger from self or another please call 999 

If you wish to book an initial consultation please call me on; 07768124076

or alternatively click the link below.